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GTR-113 - More to Life

April 26, 2019 - Episode 113

More To Life Than Bluegrass


I intended this episode to be a short, 10 minute, explanation of why I couldn't put up a full length podcast today. I was going to talk about my bandwidth limitation struggles, etc. But, when I started I just got to talking about some things very important to me--and which I hope are important to you--and I just rambled on for 40 minutes.


Then I tried to upload it. It was TOO long. Should I wait until the first of the month? I don't want to wait for the reset of my upload space. So, I bit the bullet. Stuck the ol' Minie ball between the molars and clicked "upgrade". I am counting on YOU to help me make this podcast continue. I'll talk more about this later and explain how you can help. For now let me describe this episode:


This show talks about the broader world of music, how we learn, why you shouldn't stand to close to a raging flood going down a drainage ditch, and how there is more to life than bluegrass. I know. You thought I would never say that. I am the "bluegrass, bluegrass, BLUEGRASS!" guy. But, it's true. There are other things of equal importance. And some things (*sniff sniff*) that are more important.


I'll be back next week with a full-blown podcast to recap the Voices of the Valley concert which I will attend tonight and I will explain my leap of faith in you the listener.


Have a wonderful weekend and remember to stretch the rubber bars of your cage.


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