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GTR-166 - Rattles, Buzzes & Twangs

September 15, 2020 - Episode 166


Rattles, Buzzes & Twangs


It happens to everybody! You are blissfully playing along and suddenly (or slowly) your instrument begins to sound like crap! Buzzing, rattles, twangs, tinny sound! What the H.E. double hockey sticks is going on?


Listen to this episode where I walk you through the myriad of possible causes for these annoying sounds. We start with the most likely and work our way all the way through the rarest possibilities.


Don't worry. It happens. And the solution is usually very simple. You just have to find the cause.


The intro music is "Prison Walls" written by Randy Godwin and played by Pony Express. The outro music is the tail end of a long jam (not sure what tune it was) played by our band "The Pluck Tones".


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