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GTR-198 A Major Award

November 8, 2021 - Episode 198


A Major Award & The Ed Davis Method

In this episode I discuss an award my son received for his music composition "Run Away" and how we can learn from that. You can download his award winning composition for free right here in my online store. (In the episode I mistakenly said that his song was on his EP "Beacon". Wrong. It is on "Hands Up". But, it doesn't matter. You can download both EPs for free.


I also talk about a recent gig and something you should check for if your microphones are getting long in the tooth. Then I get to the meat of the episode and explain to you the Ed Davis method of taking music lessons and how it might be something wise for you to try.


I also made quick mention of one of my personally favorite creations for banjo players--The Flint Hill Scrolls eBook. You can get a copy for yourself right here.


And don't forget: Christmas Times a Coming! All you mandolin players need Jackson's eBook Christmas Songs For Mandolin. You still have plenty of time to learn them before the mistletoe is hanging. Granny don't wanna hear no Salt Creek! She wants Jingle Bells!

Enjoy the show.


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