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GTR-200 Merry Christmas

December 24, 2021 - Episode 200


Merry Christmas


I just came in the from the yard throwing the baseball back and forth with Jackson and my wife is in the house making Christmas cookies. When I finish this episode I plan to sit down and watch "The Christmas Story" with the family. 


In this episode I talk about creating a digitized version of my Flatiron mandolin and I offer up a couple of examples created by my son. I talk a bit about Doyle Lawson's retirement, jamming with the radio on Christmas songs, and that's about it.


Merry Christmas, folks!


IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!  All you mandolin players need Jackson's eBook Christmas Songs For Mandolin. You still have plenty of time to learn them before the mistletoe is hanging. Granny don't wanna hear no Salt Creek! She wants Jingle Bells!

Enjoy the show.


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