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GTR-201 Harps Jackson Interview

February 3, 2022 - Episode 201


Harps Jackson Interview


Everything you ever wanted to know about the harmonica brought to you by a guy who truly can play the thing. He has played in blues, gospel, country, rock and bluegrass settings and he is always tasteful and skilled. You can't say that for a lot of folks who get up on stage and blow through some pathetic, sorry attempt. Harps is the kind of player, with the kind of dedication, who cares about music. I feel lucky to have met him, to have played with him in two bands, and call him my friend. I hope you enjoy this discussion and glean some of his wisdom which can be applied to all forms of music.


Both of the sample musical cuts are from The Incorrigible String Band's CD titled "It's Raining Words". Harps is on harmonica, Cory Chambers on guitar and vocals, Tim Ussery on mandolin and Bradley Laird on bass.


Enjoy the show.


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