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GTR-203 Curtis Jones Interview

February 17, 2022 - Episode 203


Curtis Jones Interview


Curtis Jones is a supremely diverse musician and a world-class acoustic guitarist. Down to earth, humble and amazingly gifted. I know you will enjoy meeting my friend Curtis Jones. If you want your mind blown, go see him play live.


His interview is another in my series to try to convince the listeners that Georgia has produced an amazing number of fine bluegrass musicians. Sometimes many people tend to think that great bluegrass simply must come from Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia or Tennessee. Curtis is one more great example in favor of Georgia born musicians.


The segue music you hear at the start of the interview is from Curtis' CD "Blue As I" (1998) and is a bit of his original instrumental "Pistol Pete". The outro music is his song "Better Days" from the same recording.


Both tunes feature Curtis on guitar, Alison Brown on banjo, Dan Tyminski on mandolin and Missy Raines on bass. "Better Days" features Curtis singing lead with Shawn Lane singing tenor.


Enjoy the show.


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